Women and indian fashion jewelry


“Jewelry has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique.”

Elizabeth Taylor

Many of us have one or more of these questions in our mind. Lets try answering them today.

1. When shall I wear Jewelry?

2. Shall I wear real or fashion jewelry?

3. What will people think of my standard, if I wear fashion jewelry?

4. Will it look good, if I wear fashion jewelry everyday?

5. Should I make that much of an effort to match jewelry with my outfit?

6. Can I wear mismatched jewelry?

7. Should I just keep wearing my regular gold jewelry?

We are trying to address these queries here. First of all wearing a jewelry or not wearing a jewelry is neither question of status nor a question of tradition. It totally depends on the women whether she wants to carry it or she does not want to. But yes, jewelry adds to your beauty. It makes you look attractive and presentable.

We recommend that you change your everyday jewelry more often. You must be bored of wearing the same jewelry everyday. If you are then it is pretty obvious that others are also bored of seeing you the same everyday. If you change your jewelry often, you not only look attractive but you also catch people’s attention.

In India wearing gold, diamond or other precious jewelry is taken as a status symbol. People spend lot of money in buying gold and then spend lot of their effort in keeping it safe. So here again, if you feel safe even after wearing expensive jewelry then you should go ahead with it. But wear it with choice and not as a status symbol. How you feel is all that matters.

Some people prefer to wear their regular gold jewelry in day to day life for years. This gives you a little boring look. you should change your day to day jewelry often. Indian women lives for her family and she gets so much lost in her day to day life or caring for her children, their education and other things that she just loses focus on herself. Girl who was matching everything before her wedding does not give preference to her herself now.

You should change your jewelry often. It will not only refresh your look but will keep you motivated whole day. A well groomed lady is always more confident and attractive than the one who is not taking the pain to refresh her look.

So, next time you look in the mirror, just think of experimenting with your looks. Change your jewelry, do some makeup, dig your wardrobe and wear something which refreshes your soul.

These days you have a wide range of Indian Fashion Jewelry available from various brands in the market which ranges from few hundreds to thousands. Do not just buy for special occasions but buy for day to day change as well. There are stylish rings for girls, south indian jewellery, oxidised jewellery, american diamond jewellery and many more varieties. You can also choose from wide range of Mrigangi Jewellery.

Matching jewelry with outfit or wearing a totally mismatched jewelry depends on you. Some ladies prefer a perfect color match while others go by contrast.

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