Mang Tikka

Achieve Fascinating Look with Antique Maang Tikka from Mrigangi 

The age-old Antique Maang Tikka still continues to be an essential part of an Indian women’s ensemble. In India, not only brides but women of all ages enjoy wearing this accessory and why not! It is that piece of jewellery that instantly transforms the look and add a lot of grace and splendour to the attire. So, whether you are a bride to be or a wedding guest, add more sparkle and glimmer to this wedding season with the stylish and dainty range of maang tikkas from Mrigangi.

The vintage appeal of this accessory makes it one of the most popular jewellery choices not only in India but across the world. At Mrigangi, there is no limitation of the designs and varieties on maang tikka, from round-shaped, heavily studded, to delicate looking and intricately embellished, you can find it all. Right from a Kundan tikka and to gold plated ones, these exceptional pieces are sure to take your breath away.

These days, the demand for maang tikka has immensely increased especially the ones made out of precious stones like sapphires, rubies, pearls and diamonds. Now easily Shop Designer Maang Tikka Online only at Mrigangi. Check out our collection and get ready to achieve a picture-perfect look with these maang tikkas.

Antique Round Maang Tikka: do you hold a special place for gold in your heart? If yes, then this antique maang tikka is all you need to sport any function with confidence. This gold-plated piece is a perfect way to attend wedding events and festivals. This is a must-have piece for every Indian woman.

Chand Maang Tikka: a gold plated maang tikka in Kundan style is all you need to compliment all your traditional outfits. This conscientiously made jewellery is going to add a lot of dimension to your face. Whether you are a bride or a bridesmaid, this piece will be a perfect choice for you.

Half Chand Maang Tikka: this antique piece of jewellery comes etched with white and maroon colour. Complete any festive or wedding looks with this extremely elegant and timeless maang tikka.

Choose from our versatile collection of modern and Antique Maang Tikkas and wear them for the festive or religious occasion that will certainly go in sync with your marvelloussarees, lehengas and salwar suits. For parties, engagement and weddings, these maang tikkas can be paired with gorgeous shararas and Anarkali suits. Donne them with a beautiful piece of earrings and necklaces and achieve the stellar look in no time.

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