How to match the correct jewelry with your outfit


Matching right jewelry with the outfit is the challenge which everyone of us face. A beautifully designed outfit looks dull, if not matched with right kind of jewelry. On the other hand a simple outfit can look great with right kind of jewelry. So here are some tips to help you decide your jewelry.

Off Shoulder Neckline: Almost every kind of necklace looks great with a strapless neckline. You can wear chokers, long necklaces or statement pieces.

High Neckline: Rani haar or Long necklace is the best for high necklines. This is because  it gives those outfits a bold statement piece. It complements the neckline. You can go for single  strand or multi strand necklaces.

Sweetheart Neckline: Sweetheart neckline is very eye catching neckline. Do not wear too much jewelry with it. A princess length necklace looks good, so does a choker, but it should have a drop at the bottom which compliments the neckline.

Scoop Neckline: This is the most loved and common form of neckline in India. You can use Chokers, Multi Strand or Pricess Necklaces provided they have a curve at the end and not a drop or a straight finish line.

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