Celebrate Karwa-chauth in Style

Karwa Chauth gift ideas

Celebrate Karwa Chauth in Style

Karwa Chauth is that special festival for married women in which she keeps fast and prays for the long and healthy life of her husband. It is a festival of devotion and love. It is such a beautiful depiction of indian cultural heritage.

This festival strengthens the bond between husband and wife. Wife gets up early in the morning before sun rise and eats sargi given by her mother in law. After which the fast starts and she does not eat or drink anything whole day. She breaks the fast only after moon rise.

How can husbands make this festival special? They can gift their wives saree, flowers, cosmetics and jewelry. Out of this, jewely is the most mesmerizing gift for any women. There can never be enough jewelry for women. So go ahead and gift her jewelry from the vast collection of Mrigangi Karwa Chauth Jewelry.

Women celebrate this festival in style with traditional attire and want to look charming and attractive. Below is the list of indian karwa chauth jewelry you can wear on this day and make a style statement.

Necklace Set: There are various styles of necklaces like princess necklace, choker, rani haar, beaded necklace, multi layer necklace, mala necklace style necklace to choose from. Shop these different styles and latest designs of necklaces at mrigangi.com

Earring: Earring is an ornament for the ear. You can choose to wear earring with necklace or just big size earrings and no necklace. Big size bollywood style earrings are loved by many women. Choose from the vast collection of earrings by mrigangi.

Toe Ring: Married hindu women usually wear toe ring. It is a marriagesymbol in India. It is scientifically proven that wearing toe ring saves women from many health issues.  Mrigangi offers a wide range of gold plated toe ring in various styles like antique, polki and kundan. Our gold plated toe rings are loved by women.

Ring: Ring is a band worn on the finger. You can choose to wear a big size ring with your attire and add sparkle to your karwa chauth look. Choose from a trendy collection of stylish rings for women by mrigangi.

Maang Tikka: Its a traditional piece of jewellery worn on head by women. The spot where it sits signifies the holy union of men and women spiritually. Women must wear this jewelry on karwa chauth. It will complete your indian look.

Payal: Anklet or payal or pajeb gives that typical traditional indian look to anyone wearing it. In old times the chime(sound) of anklet use to tell men that women is entering the room. This is mostly worn by by married women but girls also like to wear in one foot or both as a style statement. Mrigangi has elegantly beautiful collection of payal to complete your karwa-chauth look.

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