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Raksha bandhan – A BOND of LOVE, FAITH and CARE

RAKSHA BANDHAN – A BOND OF LOVE, FAITH AND CARE Raksha Bandhan- Raksha Bandhan is the festival celebrated in Indian religion that depicts the love of brother and sister. The bond of brother and sister is quite unique. This day reminds me of all the childhood memories, the time spent together, those mischiefs that made […]

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Valentine Day Gifts to express your love for her

VALENTINE DAY GIFTS TO EXPRESS YOUR LOVE FOR HER Valentine’s day is round the corner. You must be thinking about your loved one and expressing your feelings. The day is special for the lovers. Though nothing can shun the importance of flowers, chocolates, cards but something that will captivate the eyes of your lover is […]

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Women and indian fashion jewelry

WOMEN AND INDIAN FASHION JEWELRY “Jewelry has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique.” Elizabeth Taylor Many of us have one or more of these questions in our mind. Lets try answering them today. 1. When shall I wear Jewelry? 2. Shall I wear real or fashion jewelry? 3. […]

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How to match the correct jewelry with your outfit

SMARTLY MATCH YOUR JEWELRY WITH YOUR OUTFIT. Matching right jewelry with the outfit is the challenge which everyone of us face. A beautifully designed outfit looks dull, if not matched with right kind of jewelry. On the other hand a simple outfit can look great with right kind of jewelry. So here are some tips […]

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Celebrate Karwa-chauth in Style

Celebrate Karwa Chauth in Style Karwa Chauth is that special festival for married women in which she keeps fast and prays for the long and healthy life of her husband. It is a festival of devotion and love. It is such a beautiful depiction of indian cultural heritage. This festival strengthens the bond between husband […]

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